Tuesday, November 3, 2015

‘Double Pendant’ Gold Bars

‘Double Pendant’ Gold Bars
In 1996, Pamp (Switzerland) launched ‘double-pendant’ bars in the Middle East. They are available in three weights (10 g, 7.5 g and 5 g) with two inner shapes: heart and circular and the Exhibition displays a variety of double pendant bars.

‘Bank’ Gold Bars

Many banks issue minted bars, marked with their own name but manufactured by an external manufacturer. In Europe and Brazil,minted ‘bank’ bars are widely available and a variety are on display.

‘Commemorative’ Gold Bars

Some accredited manufacturers, most notably Degussa (Germany) and Degussa (Brazil), issue minted bars commemorating important national or international events. The minting of ‘commemorative’ bars, incorporating the mark of the accredited manufacturer, is not yet widespread but a selection of commemorative bars are displayed.

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