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Year wise events of JAPAN 1853-1899

Year wise events of JAPAN 1853-1899

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JAPAN Events from 1853 to 1899
1853 Commodore Perry arrives in Edo Bay (july 8)
Shogun Ieyoshi dies: succeeded by Iesada
1854 Perry returns to Japan from China (February 12)
1856 Townsend Harris arrives in Shimoda
1857 Harris granted audience before the Shogun
1858 Shogun Iesada dies; succeeded by Iemochi
1861 Harris’s secretary murdered British legation attacked twice
1862 C.L. Richardsom killed System of Sankin- Kotai relaxed
1863 Choshu forts fire on foreign ships; American and French ships bombard Choshu forts
1864 Allied fleet bombards Shimonoseki forts
1865 Emperor agrees to ratify 1858 treaties
1866 Secret Satsuma-Choshu alliance formes
Shogun Iemochi dies; succeeded by Keiki, fifteenth and last Shogun
1867 Emperor KOmei dies: succeeded by Mutsuhito
Keiki relinquishes powers to Mutsuhito: Tokugawa rule ends
1868 Meiji Restoration Imperial (Charter) Oath proclaimed
1869 Daimya surrender lands to the Emperor
1870 Construction of Japan’s first railway begins
1871 Feudalism formally abolished Ministry of Education set up Iwakura mission sent to the West
1872 Compulsory education under state control
1873 Iwakura mission returns Universal land tax in money introduced
Creation of modern army based on conscription
1875 Assembly of Prefectural Governors established
1877 Satsuma Rebellion
1878 Prefectural Assemblies established
1880 Municipal Assemblies formed Sale of government factories to private firms begins
1881 Hokkaido Scandal First political parties formed
1885 First cabinet formed
1886 Important Education Act
1888 Privy Council formed
1889 Meiji Constitution proclaimed
1890 Imperial Rescript on Education First Diet opened
1899 Extraterritoriality abolished

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