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Yokuhama,The Central bank of Western india 1866

Yokuhama,The Central bank of Western india 1866

Yokohama banknote history
It was issued under JAPAN and cat under japan PS26 or226? that pick not readily available
year is 1866 2feb on note rather big article i could not condense it you write as u like
so i get good impression that i know about banking and not a novice now saw lot of spelling
mistakes here sorry for my ex typist has done it 10years back
i am writing an booklet on Japanese banking history from 1800onwards hope u help in
giving suggestions i will come back to u soon in this mail address only
This is a unique note issued with combination of several countries links. The note was
issued in 1866 at yokohoma in Japan and the name on the note is the Central
Bank of Western India with value of 25$. The note was printed in London by Sprague and
Co., The date of the issue of this bank notes was written by black pen dated 9th
February 1866. The signature on the note was of Mr.J. Morrison. The note bears the
vignate of a lady carrying a seal and a palm tree with a backdrop of hills and few sailing
ships. The note also carries few cotton bales and jewelery.The note is fixed into the frame with inscriptions in Japanese all over the frame and
four blocks WITH Japanese inscription fixed to the four corners of bank notes.
“”The note is canceled with a rubber stamp.””
Even though there is a bank which was named as BANK OF WESTERN INDIA which operated
during the period of 1842-1845 A.D. which bears a seen depicting town hall region of Bombay with St. Andrews Church.It also has palm tree the castle of Bombay along with few ships entering the Bombay harbor. This is issued for the value of Rs. 5/ and was canceled at several places on the note. The date on the note was May
18th 1844. According to the photo in the catalogue the signature portion of this
Indian Note was eaten away by the black ink used on the day of the issue.
The Central Bank of Western India was an important issue of the bank note throughout the
world because it has a combination of links? with three nations. They are
Japan, America and India, because of the high value denomination for which it was issued
that is for 25$.
This was a period of Turbulence in Japan, the attempts by Western States by many
European nations along with America failed to achieve the trade relations with
Japan diplomatically. In 1852 America is decided to open a trade relations with Japan
either by talks or by force.Commander PERRY was sent on this mission with three steam ships namely Mississippi,Saratoga and Plymouth with a flag ship named SUSQUEHANNE. All these
ships sailed to Japan for an naval expedition on 8th July 1853 and they entered EDO BAY
and anchored at a distance of 1 kilometer from Uraga city. the Japanese samurai’s general shogun declined to meet the delegation of commander perry.
After threatening the Japanese government landed with 300 men and gave the message of
U.S. President Fillmore ,to the representatives of shogun.
The Perry treaty of friendship was signed on March 31st of 1854 which opened the
Japanese ports for U.S. trade.

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