Thursday, November 5, 2015

In 1852 America is decided to open a trade relations with Japan

This notes were in
circulation in Japan and China region.
In 1852 America is decided to open a
 trade relations with Japan
either by talks or by force.Commander PERRY was sent on this mission with three steam ships namely Mississippi,Saratoga and Plymouth with a flag ship named SUSQUEHANNE. All these
ships sailed to Japan for an naval expedition on 8th July 1853 and they entered EDO BAY
and anchored at a distance of 1 kilometer from Uraga city. the Japanese samurai’s general shogun declined to meet the delegation of commander perry.
After threatening the Japanese government landed with 300 men and gave the message of
U.S. President Fillmore ,to the representatives of shogun.
The Perry treaty of friendship was signed on March 31st of 1854 which opened the
Japanese ports for U.S. trade. Nagasaki and Hakodate were opened first and later
yokohoma was thrown open for American trade later on yokohoma has become a main port for
transit of goods in to China, Japan, and the other countries in the neighborhood.
In the back drop of above incidents the British crown also cooperated with the Americans
as the Japanese started building their fleet by lifting a ban for the
construction of large ships and purchased many ships guns, arms and harmony from Dutch
to counter the American ships. In this circumstances the traders of Western
India who are doing trade from the port of Surat and Bombay along with the U.S. traders
have started a bank at Yokohoma, Japan and started issuing the bank notes under
the name and the style as THE CENTRAL BANK OF WESTERN INDIA. This notes were in
circulation in Japan and China region.

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