Tuesday, November 3, 2015

‘Hologram’ Gold Bars,‘Rainbow’ Gold Bars,‘Yin-Yang’ Gold Bars

‘Hologram’ Gold Bars,‘Rainbow’ Gold Bars,‘Yin-Yang’ Gold Bars
Pamp (Switzerland) pioneered the application of multi-coloured hologram designs to minted bars in 1990. These bars, popular in the Middle East, are now distributed worldwide and a variety of hologram bars are on display. 
‘Rainbow’ Gold Bars
Mitsubishi (Japan) is the pioneer manufacturer of multi-coloured ‘rainbow’ bars. The manufacturing process combines different carat gold colour tones in order to create an infinite variety of attractive patterns. The Exhibition displays experimental  bars, made in 1993, which illustrate ‘rainbow’, ‘woodgrain’, ‘textile’ and ‘polka dot’ patterns. The bar purity is 75% (18  carat).
‘Yin-Yang’ Gold Bars
Several unusual ‘Yin-Yang’ bars issued by Ishifuku (Japan) in 1993 are displayed. These two innovative ‘kidney’ shaped bars  depict the Zen religious symbol representing the harmony of opposites.

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