Tuesday, November 3, 2015

International Gold Bars Exhibition highlights

The International Gold Bars Exhibition highlights of rare and unique gold bars to show you the the

remarkable range and diversity of gold bars. These are extremely rare expensive gold bars from a private collection and not

available for sale at any price.
‘400’ oz (‘12.5’ kg) bar
‘Tezabi’ Bars
Tael Bars
Baht Bars
Tola Bars
Chi Bars
Decorative Bars
‘Hologram’ Bars
‘Rainbow’ Bars
‘Yin-Yang’ Bars
‘Koban’ Bars
‘Twin-Coin’ Bar‘
Gold Leaf’ Bars
Fine Gold Cards
‘Bone’ Bar
‘Gold Fillet’ Bars
‘Pendant’ Bars
‘Double Pendant’ Bars
‘Bank’ Bars
‘Commemorative’ Bars
‘Heart’ Bars
‘Bullion Watch’ Bars
‘Fine Art’ Bars
‘Bas-Relief’ Bar
Full-Colour’ Bars
‘Cartoon’ Bars ‘Minted ‘Brick’ Bars
‘Model’ Bars
The world’s largest and
smallest - bars
Historical Rothschild Bars
Oldest Stamp
Oldest Assay Mark
Bullion Coins
Gold Nuggets
Gold-Bearing Ore
‘Dore’ Bars
‘Garimpo’ Dore
‘400’ oz (‘12.5’ kg) gold bars
Information provided by the World Gold Council
Source of gold bar information "The Industry Catalogue of Gold Bars Worldwide"

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