Tuesday, November 3, 2015

‘Gold Fillet’ Bars‘Pendant’ Gold Bars Degussa (Germany) is recorded as the first

‘Gold Fillet’ Bars

The ‘Gold Fillet’ bars, which are manufactured from thin rolled gold strips, are sometimes produced to display the official stamps of ‘400 oz’ (12.5 kg) bars where they are not used in the manufacture of smaller bars. The Exhibition displays two

‘gold fillet’ bars produced by Australian Gold Refineries at its Perth and Kalgoorlie refineries. They illustrate the official stamps and other markings which appear only on its London Good Delivery ‘400 oz’ bars.

‘Pendant’ Gold Bars

Degussa (Germany) is recorded as the first among accredited manufacturers to have manufactured in 1978 a minted bar in an

unconventional (hexagonal) shape and incorporating a hole to facilitate its use as a pendant. In 1984, Pamp (Switzerland)

expanded the concept, pioneering the production of minted bars in many unusual shapes, as well as incorporating hangers. The

Exhibition displays pendant bars by a variety of manufacturers..

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